Our Story

  Our story begins with three college buds from Louisville, KY: Josh, Z, and Jordan. As we got older, we found out the harsh realities of growing up. Things got busy with new cities, jobs, marriage, and kids. Sometimes life can be complicated, and we tend to lose people unintentionally along the way. One night while we sat around our bonfire crackin’ beers and jokes, we realized the importance of staying connected throughout the years. We decided to start a business that would bond us together, even if life had other plans. In the wild, ducks and geese migrate hundreds of miles from their homes, but year after year they return to their same old pond. No matter how caught up we get in life, we know we can always come back to one another. From this concept Ducks and Geese was born. We created a line of clothes that reminds us of our roots in case we drift away. Starting this company has brought us and our families closer together than ever before. Ducks and Geese may be a business, but we are a family first. We kept our product line simple, southern, and reliable just like our flock.